james_smallAbout Lyon Photography

I’m an award winning and frequently published professional photographer working here in Oxford and in London. I have wide ranging experience in commercial, advertising, editorial fashion and film.

My passion for photography, combined with my agency experience, pushes creative boundaries to deliver exciting and stimulating images. I don’t just take photographs; I source locations, cast models, design lighting and put teams together for larger shoots. I’m known for lighting as well as my photographic style, creating memorable images or emotional statements.

I have an enviable reputation for delivering projects, surpassing expectations, on time and within budget.age3

Photographic proof shows I started holding a camera at the age of three; for years it was a hobby fluctuating from serious to just holidays. As my design career developed I became an art director commissioning photographers on behalf of clients, learning and watching all the time.

Switching from film to digital in 2003 was the watershed that I needed, gone were the days of waiting to see the results or spending hours in the darkroom. In 2008 I decided to concentrate my efforts as a pro-photographer rather than as an art director and I’ve never looked back.

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